Welcome To Canvas

As you may be aware, our three-year grant from Arts Council England is coming to an end on March 30th. As further Arts Council funding will not be available after that date, the Canvas network will be closed and we will stop publishing content on the channel.

We appreciate that you will have questions about the implications of the closure for your channels, and have put together some FAQs below that we hope will address your concerns. Please contact us directly on if not.

Over the last three years, we have made some films we are genuinely proud of - many of them in collaboration with arts organisations in the Canvas network - and hope we have helped you to develop ideas, strategies and skills that will help you take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital video. It's been an insightful and at times challenging project from which a lot has been learned.

This learning will be captured and shared through an evaluation report that the Arts Council has commissioned from MTM London. MTM has developed a short online survey to collect feedback on your experiences as a Canvas Partner. MTM and ACE would greatly appreciate if you could spare five minutes to fill in the survey here. Responses will be anonymised and will feed into the final evaluation to inform future thinking about capacity building and skills development initiatives for the arts sector.

What will happen to the Canvas network?

There are two elements of the Canvas network; the Canvas Multi-Channel Network (MCN), which aggregates YouTube channels into a single CMS, and the broader training network, through which we run webinars, workshops, surgeries and provide consultancy and support materials.

Most channels left the Canvas MCN on February 20th as a result of the changes to YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP), which introduced a minimum threshold of subscribers and views for any channels monetising their content (and therefore introduced new restrictions about who could participate in an MCN). The remaining 15 channels will leave the MCN on or around April 5th, once the data to March 30th has been collected. After that date, the Canvas MCN will no longer exist. By mid-April, as soon as YouTube’s monetisation reports are complete, Canvas / Brave Bison will calculate the revenue generated by each channel (if any) and then, as per the terms of the contract, transfer any revenue owed to each channel owner.

The training network will continue to run until the end of March. All workshops, webinars and surgeries that have been scheduled will be delivered as planned.

What will happen to my channel?

Nothing will change in terms of how your channel looks and how you manage it. You will continue to be responsible for managing the channel - just as you have done as part of the Canvas network. All that’s changed is that Canvas / Brave Bison can no longer access the data for your channel in YouTube Analytics, and will no longer be available to provide support and guidance.

For those channels that monetise their content and qualify for the new YouTube Partner Program, revenue will be generated directly through YouTube unless they join another MCN. This will be paid, as per the terms in the contract, 45 days after channels leave the Canvas MCN. Channel owners who left the MCN as part of the changes to the YPP should expect to receive a final payment in mid-April. Those who leave when Canvas closes on March 30th will receive payment in mid-May.

What will happen to the Canvas channel?

The Canvas channel will continue to exist and the films will continue to be available to view for the foreseeable future, but there are no plans to publish any new content.

What will happen to the individual films Canvas has made?

These will remain available to view on the channel. The copyright in each of the individual videos resides with Brave Bison, but files of the final edits will be made available to any partners and associates who collaborated on a video and have not requested a copy of the final film to re-edit or republish on their own channels. Anyone keen to get a copy of a film they have collaborated on should contact the Canvas team directly.

What will happen to the materials and resources developed to support training and capacity building?

The Canvas hub will be closed on March 30th and the training resources on it will no longer be available. Any partner or associate that does not have its own version of the Canvas Playbook or any other documents should visit the hub to download it and other files before the closure or contact the Canvas team directly. The webinars will, however, continue to be available on the webinar playlist on the Canvas channel.

If you are already a network partner or associate you can enter the canvas network hub here